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Drafting of Pleadings / Best lawyer in Delhi NCR for drafting of suit, petition, complaint & affidavits

“Expert Legal Advice” provides assistance in drafting of suitable pleadings to needy persons whether it is client or any professional.

Drafting of pleadings is always considered as the main weapon to win the battle of litigation before Courts in India. Therefore, every person have to choose best and efficient professionals for drafting of pleadings and handling the matters before the courts in India who can not only draft the pleadings by selecting the appropriate words, sentences and precedents but to frame the issues and grievances in such a way which reflects true and clear picture of the matter before the court. Ambiguous words and sentences always lead to confusion and provide dual interpretation which causes loss to the clients in terms of money as well as loss of precious time of the parties and of the Courts. We have skilled and experienced team of professionals for drafting of pleadings including the following:

· Petition for approval of Scheme of arrangements

· Petition under Section 397 & 398 of Companies Act, 1956 (for oppression and mismanagement)

· Petition for restoration of company name

· Suit for Partition

· Suit for possession

· Suit for Permanent Injunction

· Suit for recovery of money

· Suit for damages

· Written Statements

· Appeals

· Criminal Complaints

· Petitions for quashing of FIR.

· Petition for Divorce

· Petition for Restitution of conjugal rights

· Applications

· Affidavits

· Writ Petitions

· Special Leave Petitions