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Drafting of Corporate and Commercial Documents / Best lawyer for Deed Writing in Delhi & Noida

“Expert Legal Advice” has a very experienced team of lawyers and consultants for drafting, vetting, negotiation and finalising of corporate and commercial agreements / documents / transaction documents including Letter of Intent, Term Sheet, Memorandum of Understanding, Joint Venture Agreements, Definitive Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Business Transfer Agreements, and transaction closing documents etc.

Drafting of corporate and commercial documents always considered as a big task for business enterprises. A good commercial contract having clear and accurate terms and conditions provide way and manner to accomplish the target without differences and disputes. A rough drafting of commercial contracts always lead to dispute without achieving the end target and usually result in termination of contract which inter-alia result in huge loss in terms of money, time and energy of the parties. We have unique team of professionals who help and assist in drafting of corporate and commercial documents including the following:

· Scheme of arrangements

· Joint Venture Agreements

· Technology Transfer Agreements

· Technical Know-how Agreements

· Shareholders Agreement

· Share Purchase Agreement

· Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

· Consultancy Agreement

· Dealership Agreement

· Distributorship Agreement

· Business Association Agreement

· Agency Agreement

· LLP Agreement

· Gestational Surrogacy Agreement

· Prenuptial Agreement

· Agreement to Sell

· Lease Deed

· Leave and License Agreement

· Rent Agreement

· Conveyance Deed

· Sale Deed

· Partnership Deed

· Release Deed

· Relinquishment Deed

· Adoption Deed

· Will

· General Power of Attorney (GPA)

· Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

· Employment Contracts

· Legal notices

· Reply to Legal Notices

· Affidavits

· Term Sheet

· Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

· Policies

· Legal Due Diligence

· Title Search

· Legal Opinions